Frequently Asked Questions on the Guardian Conservatory System

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Planning permission is not needed to change your roof but building control approval is recommended.

As all Guardian Warm Roofs are prefabricated in our Professional Production Facilities there is minimum disruption to the home.

Gaining building regulations approval from your local authority for your new Guardian roof has multiple benefits for homeowners. You can be sure that the system installed has been rigorously checked centrally by LABC and then on site by a local building control surveyor to ensure the roof is installed correctly, performs as intended and, importantly, is structurally safe and thermally efficient. You also have peace of mind that should you come to sell your property in future, there won’t be any issues with unauthorised works that will hold up the process.

Guardian Warm Roof is one of very few LABC Registered systems. The system was the very first of its kind to be registered with LABC. It is recommended that an approved system should be used when converting your conservatory roof. Unfortunately there are companies in market place that are willing to ignore Building Regulations and just cover the existing glass or polycarbonate with tiles and minimal insulation within the voids of the roof. These structures are extremely dangerous and have been well documented over the past few years in cases where the structure has moved or even collapsed.

All Guardian roofs are made bespoke to fit your existing conservatory. The system is designed to cover all designs and sizes. Guardian Roof also allows the option for Roof Windows and Full Glazed Panels.
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